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Who is freak engineer ?

Akash Sharma. A self-taught electronics engineer and a digital creator.

He was always found curious about electronics and electricity since childhood. His interest in and vision of electronic gadgets, toys, and circuits made him learn more about them in detail.

From a very small age, Freak engineer used to spend hours making basic circuits using the battery, some small LEDs, and motors from broken toys ( toys that were intentionally broken ). Starting from applying a small headlight on his bicycle to making a demo helicopter or an emergency light. All of these were appreciated by his family and friends which motivated him a lot to do more such experiments.

Everybody knew he will grow up to be a good engineer for sure. He replicated a lot of experiments and circuits before the 10th boards. During 11th and 12th classes he experimented with more small projects in electronics that are usually made by B. tech or Diploma students.

At this time, he started demonstrating his projects and experiments on YouTube or popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. He got a small bunch of audience that appreciated his work.

Freak engineer ( Akash Sharma ) completed his schooling at R.V.S Academy and again got admitted to R.V.S College of Engineering & Technology. There he pursues his interest i.e B. tech in the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Currently, he performs unique science experiments and makes electronic projects. His motive is to make them simple enough for learners to understand them easily and share them via social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and the website www.freakengineer.com. He tries to present his work creatively to grab learners’ attention and interest.

Working on social media platforms brought his attention to the field of digital marketing. He started learning the basics by reading articles on google and watching some YouTube videos. Then he came to know about a popular digital marketing course by Google i.e Fundamentals of digital marketing. This course gave him way more knowledge than he expected and finally, he achieved a beautiful certificate.

Everyday practice of digital marketing polishes his knowledge and gets him updated on the latest algorithms.

“I am giving my best to help learners in every possible way. And now all I need is your support and trust in freak engineer.” – AKASH SHARMA

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