Arduino: Getting Started

Introducing “Arduino: Getting Started” – Online Training for B.Tech Students (ECE and EEE Branch).

Course Description

“Arduino: Getting Started” is a comprehensive online training program designed specifically for B.Tech students pursuing ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) & EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering). This course aims to equip students with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to work with Arduino, a popular microcontroller platform widely used in the field of electronics.

Mode: Online/Offline

Course Content

– Basics of Arduino: Introduction to Arduino, its features, and advantages.

– Understanding Electronic Components: Detailed explanation of essential electronic components and their functions.

– Breadboard and Sensors: Hands-on practice with breadboard connections and interfacing various sensors with Arduino.

– 14 Arduino-based Projects: Students will complete 14 practical projects to reinforce their understanding of Arduino. The projects include:

  1. LED Blinking
  2. LED Chaser
  3. RGB Color Mixing
  4. Counter using 7-Segment Display
  5. Binary Counter using LEDs
  6. Dimmable LED using Potentiometer
  7. Obstacle Detector using IR Sensor & Buzzer
  8. Distance Meter using Ultrasonic Sensor and LCD
  9. Police Light using LED Blinking
  10. Printing Messages on LCD Display
  11. Temperature Sensing System using DHT11 with Serial Monitor or LCD
  12. Automatic Street Light using LDR
  13. Controlling LED using Touch Switch
  14. Fire Alarm with Display.

Course Benefits

– Gain a strong foundation in Arduino programming and hardware.

– Enhance practical skills in electronic circuit design and implementation.

– Learn how to interface various sensors with Arduino for real-world applications.

– Acquire hands-on experience by completing 14 Arduino projects.

– Obtain a completion certificate and project letter to showcase your training achievement.

– Each certificate will be assigned a unique certificate ID, which users can verify by performing a search for the certificate ID on 


The training will be conducted by Akash Sharma, a globally recognized instructor known as “Freak Engineer.” Akash Sharma has extensive experience in Arduino and electronics, and his expertise is well-regarded in the industry. He runs the website, where students can find additional resources and support.

Join us for the “Arduino: Getting Started” online training program and unlock the potential of Arduino to create innovative electronic projects. Enroll today to secure your spot and embark on an exciting learning journey!

Contact our training coordinator at [email protected] for more information and registration.

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