Smart Bridge Elevation Control System

Introduction This introduction presents a cutting-edge approach to bridge management and safety through the implementation of a Smart Bridge Elevation Control System (SB-ECS) using Arduino, an ultrasonic sensor, and servo motors. The system continually monitors water levels beneath the bridge with the ultrasonic sensor. When water levels rise to potentially hazardous levels, the Arduino-based control … Read more

To blink an LED using Arduino UNO

Aim of the Experiment To blink an LED using Arduino UNO. Objective The objective of this experiment is to learn the basics of using an Arduino UNO microcontroller board and successfully blink an LED connected to an Arduino UNO by writing and uploading a simple code. Components Required The required components are: Arduino UNO board … Read more

Microprocessor 8085 architecture

Microprocessor 8085 Microprocessor 8085 . It is a general purpose 8 bit microprocessor. This microprocessor was first designed in 1977 by intel. They made it using NMOS ( N-channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor ) technology. The basic configuration of 8085 are – Data bus of 8 bit Address bus of 16 bit Stack pointer of 16 … Read more

Wein bridge oscillator lab manual

This article contains Wein bridge oscillator lab manual. Aim of the experiment To construct a Wein bridge oscillator using transistor and study its frequency in oscilloscope. Components Required Components required for Wien bridge oscillator are – Wein bridge oscillator trainer Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Trace paper Patching wires Theory ( Wein bridge oscillator lab manual ) … Read more