Fire conducting electricity

In this article, I have written my experience and experiment with two strange topics. That is –

  1. fire has no shadow
  2. fire conducting electricity

Fire has no shadow

I was scrolling down on social media when I found a random post in my feed claiming that fire has no shadow. This post made me curious on this topic and I decided to perform it.

So I took a small gas lighter and a high power led torch. I then fired the lighter holding it near the wall and then focused the torch beam on flame such that the shadow should fall on the wall.

I was surprised to see that my hand and lighter created a shadow on wall but there was no shadow of fire.

Did this experiment with different angles, torches and source of fire.

At last I finally came to a conclusion that fire creates no shadow because it itself is a source of light but when a light that is brighter than flame falls on flame it do creates a shadow.

Watch this experiment video

Fire conducting electricity

While experimenting I started enjoying lighting fire more frequently, I burned certain papers and some components. Then I reached my favorite toy that is a bug zapper in shape of a racket. This racket creates 500v to kill small bugs in a single zap.

So I just lighted fire lighter in the high voltage spark zone of bug zapper.

Surprisingly, fire was zapped by bug zapper. This made me crazy. I searched for this on internet and came to know that even fire can conduct electricity in some cases.

Although the ion density is small in flame, they are sufficiently present to conduct electricity.

Very high temperature Fire is a plasma and plasmas conduct electricity.

This means that there are free charges on the plasma that move if a voltage is applied to the plasma, this creates a current.

I repeated the same experiment with matchstick as fire source and the result was same. Fire was continuously getting zapped  by bug zapper.

Watch this experiment video


Akash Sharma

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