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The advancement of technology over world is generating the need of faster communication and internet access. Currently wi-fi is used to provide wireless internet to customers but it has speed limitations. Technology like optical fibers have already made data transfer fast. Now, Similar technology like optical fibers is growing rapidly. It is widely known as LI-FI.

What is lifi ?

  • The term LiFi stands for ‘light fidelity’ is sounds like WiFi which means ‘wireless fidelity’ and the work is also quite similar.
  • It was introduced in march 2011 by professor Harald Hass in TED global talk.

Advantages of Lifi over Wifi

1. High speed

Lifi has a tested speed of 100GB per second which is far more greater than Wifi. The speed of light is approximately 3 lakh km/second, which helps lifi to acquire such higher speed.

2. Underwater data transmission   

We know that radio signals cannot be transmitted under water but light can be  transmitted so using Lifi for under water data transmission will be beneficial.

3. Data transmission among devices

It provides an efficient way to transmit and receive data among devices securely.

4. No need of router

It doesn’t need any extra router like wifi  for data transmission we can modulate our home and street lights into Lifi module.

5. Security

No hacker can get into your system unless they receive the light that contains your data.


It was introduced in march 2011 by professor Harald Hass in TED global talk. There he successfully demonstrated the working of Lifi with proper theory.

LiFi project

In this project we are going to transmit audio signals using light.

Gather these components if you want to make your own LiFi project

  1. 3v LED ( white colour )
  2. 220 ohm, 0.25W resistor
  3. 9V battery
  4. 3-5 V Solar panel
  5. Audio amplifier ( 5 Watt )
  6. 3.5mm AUX  Jack

Transmitter part

transmitter part final look
Transmitter part

Take a 3v white LED, connect the positive terminal of the LED with 220 ohm resistor connect the other side of resistor to positive terminal of 9V battery.

The negative terminal of the led is connected with AUX jack and the other terminal of AUX jack is connected  with the negative terminal of the battery.

Receiver part

Receiver part final look. solar panel with an audio amplifier.
Receiver part

The receiver part is quite simple. Just connect the output of solar panel to the audio input of the audio amplifier.


final project setup. transmitter and receiver facing each other.

Put the transmitter and receiver in such a way that the LED and solar panel face each other.

Provide audio input to the aux pin using your mobile phone or any other music player, now the LED will start glowing with full potential.

Make sure that the light emitted directly falls on solar panel and your Lifi module will start working.

Frequently asked questions about LiFi

  1. Can I make this project for my school/collage science exhibition ?
  • This project is the most basic version of LiFi.
  • Its super easy to make.
  • It can attract audience there because of its uniqueness and musical demonstration.
  • This project can easily be demonstrated and explained to general audience.

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For more clarity watch my LIFI tutorial on YouTube.


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