Piano circuit using 555 ic

In this  blog you are going to learn to make your own electronic piano circuit using 555 IC at home.

A musical instrument with multiple keys ( buttons ) that creates different tones when pressed is known as Piano.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner. The circuit is very easy to make, just follow this blog step by step. It will require only few components.

Components required

  1. Breadboard or vero board x 1
  2. Momentary push button switch x 7
  3. 555 IC x 1
  4. 4.7k resistor x 1
  5. 1k resistor x 7
  6. 100nf ceramic capacitor
  7. 10 µf / >12 V Electrolytic capacitor
  8. 8 Ω Speaker
  9. 5V power supply

555 IC Pinout

555 ic Pinout

Circuit diagram for piano circuit using 555 ic

Diy piano circuit

Tutorial for piano circuit using 555 IC

  1. Take 555 IC and connect its pin number 2 to pin number 6.
  2. Now connect pin number 4 to pin number 8 of the IC.
  3. Connect 1k resistor between pin number 7 & 8.
  4. Add 100nf capacitor between pin number 1 & 2.
  5. Now connect 4.7k resistor to pin 7 of IC.
  6. Connect a momentary push button switch in series with 4.7k resistor and connect the other terminal of switch to pin number 6 of the IC.
  7. Add other momentary push button switch with 1k resistor in series.
  8. Similarly add 7 switches in total.
  9. Now connect positive terminal of electrolytic capacitor to pin 3 of IC.
  10. Connect the negative terminal of electrolytic capacitor to one of the terminals of 8 ohm speaker.
  11. Connect the other terminal of 8 ohm speaker to pin number 1 of the 555 IC.
  12. Our electronic piano circuit using 555 IC is now ready. Just connect the positive of power supply to pin number 8 an negative of power supply to pin number 1 of the IC.


The circuit will play 7 different beeping tones on 7 different switches.

555 IC work as multi-vibrator and produce a square wave in the output of different frequency. The speaker produces different tones according to the frequency of signal received. The increasing value of resistor between pin 7 & 6 creates different frequency signals.


  1. You can make this circuit on either breadboard or Vero board according to your convenience.
  2. Voltage rating of 10 µf electrolytic capacitor can be according to market availability.
  3. You can use 3.7 V to 6V as input power supply. It can be a battery or power adaptor.
  4. If you are using Vero board then do not solder directly to IC. Excessive heat can harm IC. Use 8 pin IC base and then mount the IC on it separately.

Application of piano circuit using 555 ic

  1. This circuit is used as a toy piano for kids.
  2. It can be used as a project for B. tech, diploma and Polytechnique course.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I add more switches ?
  • Use up to 10 switches for better results.
  1. Can I use mobile charger as power supply ?
  • Mobile chargers output 5V DC. It can be used as power supply for this circuit.


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