What is DIAC ?

V-I Graph of DIAC

Semiconductor devices are the core part of electronics circuits. Usually diodes conducts in only one direction. DIAC is made to conduct in both forward and reverse direction. The term DIAC stands for ( Diode for Alternating Current ). What is DIAC ? A diode that conducts electrical current only when its breakover voltage is reached … Read more

Applications of Zener diode

Zener Diode

In this blog I am going to discuss about Zener diode and its applications. The name Zener is derived from the name of American physicist Melvin Zener. He discovered the Zener effect. Zener diode definition Zener diode is a special PN Junction diode that is designed to operate in reverse biased condition. It conducts the … Read more

Difference between PN junction diode and Zener diode

Semiconductor devices like diodes are essential / core component of any electronic circuit. According to needs diodes are manufactured in different ways. The different manufacturing techniques and doping concentration give them different characteristics. In this article we will discuss about the difference between PN junction diode and Zener diode. The basic difference between PN junction … Read more

Varactor diode | Application & Advantages

Varactor diode symbol

In this article we will cover Varactor diode, its Symbol, operation, characteristics, advantages and applications. What is Varactor diode ? It is a p-n-junction diode, whose internal capacitance can be adjusted by application of reverse bias voltage. It is controlled by input voltage that means its output voltage depends upon the supplied input voltage. It … Read more