Control an led using node MCU ESP8266 and web server

Aim:  Control an led using node MCU ESP8266 and web server. Objective This project aims to control a simple LED using a Node MCU ESP8266 development board and create a web server to interact with the LED via a web interface. Requirements Node MCU ESP8266 5mm led 220 Ohm resistor Breadboard Jumper wires Micro USB … Read more

Servo motor control with Joystick and Arduino

Servo motor control with Joystick and Arduino In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make a Servo motor control with joystick and Arduino. In this project, we are going to control the angular position of the servo motor depending on the input given to the Joystick. For this project, the required components … Read more

Transformerless power supply | 5v / 9v / 12v / 15v

transformerless power supply

This article covers the working, circuit, advantages, disadvantages and application of Transformerless power supply. In general, DC power supplies convert Alternating current to Direct Current ( small DC voltage ) using step-down transformers or SMPS ( Switch Mode Power Supply ). These power supplies include many steps to step down DC. For small applications these … Read more

Slayer exciter tesla coil | Slayer exciter circuit

Slayer exciter tesla coil Tesla coil is super cool and attractive project that can easily be presented in school science exhibition or collage projects. It creates an electromagnetic field around the coil that excites the gas present inside neon bulbs and fluorescent lamps and make them glow wirelessly without any circuit. There are many versions … Read more

Tesla coil project | tesla coil

What is tesla coil ? Tesla coil was invented by scientist Nikola tesla. It is a device that is used for creating high frequency high voltage at very low current. The credit for inventing remote control, Alternating current, neon bulb and induction motor also goes to Nikola tesla. In simple words tesla coil is an electrical … Read more

Lifi project | lifi technology | how to make lifi

lifi project

The advancement of technology over world is generating the need of faster communication and internet access. Currently wi-fi is used to provide wireless internet to customers but it has speed limitations. Technology like optical fibers have already made data transfer fast. Now, Similar technology like optical fibers is growing rapidly. It is widely known as … Read more