Control an led using node MCU ESP8266 and web server

Aim:  Control an led using node MCU ESP8266 and web server. Objective This project aims to control a simple LED using a Node MCU ESP8266 development board and create a web server to interact with the LED via a web interface. Requirements Node MCU ESP8266 5mm led 220 Ohm resistor Breadboard Jumper wires Micro USB … Read more

Wein bridge oscillator lab manual

This article contains Wein bridge oscillator lab manual. Aim of the experiment To construct a Wein bridge oscillator using transistor and study its frequency in oscilloscope. Components Required Components required for Wien bridge oscillator are – Wein bridge oscillator trainer Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Trace paper Patching wires Theory ( Wein bridge oscillator lab manual ) … Read more

Resistor colour coding | lab work

This article contains Resistor colour coding experiment. Lab Work.  There are 5 given resistors as sample & we need to find its value, by reading colour bands on it. Aim of the experiment Resistor colour coding Objective To learn resistor colour coding. To determine the stated value of a resistor by interpreting the colour code … Read more