Difference between Zener breakdown and Avalanche breakdown

This article covers, the difference between Zener breakdown and Avalanche breakdown. The major difference between Zener breakdown and Avalanche breakdown is Zener breakdown occurs because of strong electric field. Avalanche breakdown occurs because of the collision of electrons. A diode is used in electronic circuit to allow the flow of current in only one direction. … Read more

Resistor colour coding | lab work

This article contains Resistor colour coding experiment. Lab Work.  There are 5 given resistors as sample & we need to find its value, by reading colour bands on it. Aim of the experiment Resistor colour coding Objective To learn resistor colour coding. To determine the stated value of a resistor by interpreting the colour code … Read more

Classification of semiconductor | intrinsic semiconductor

In this article, we will discuss about semiconductors and its types. Intrinsic semiconductor and extrinsic semiconductor. What is a semiconductor ? A semiconductor can be defined as aa material whose electrical conductivity lies between conductor and insulator. The electrical conductivity of conductor > semiconductor > insulator. Some examples of semiconductor are silicon and germanium, they … Read more

Wheatstone bridge | Working & Application

Wheatstone bridge

The Wheatstone bridge or the resistance bridge is the special arrangement of resistors that is used to calculate the unknown resistance by balancing of bridge circuit. It was discovered by Charles Wheatstone. Wheatstone bridge circuit Construction The bridge contains four resistances out of which the value of two resistances are known. The third one is … Read more

difference between ac and dc | alternating current

AC vs DC

Students often get confused when they are asked to differentiate between alternating current and direct current. This blog covers 20 difference between ac and dc. Electrical current flows in two ways, it either flows in single direction or reverses its direction periodically. When electrical current flows in single direction it is known as Direct Current … Read more

Metal oxide varistor | Specifications, VI Graph, Connection

MOV Symbol

In this article we will cover Metal Oxide Varistor its specifications, graph, connections and applications. A Varistor is an electronic component that protects electronics devices from over voltage by the concept of voltage clamping. The word varistor can be stated as variable resistor or a voltage dependent resistor. Its resistance cannot be varied manually like … Read more