Control an led using node MCU ESP8266 and web server

Aim:  Control an led using node MCU ESP8266 and web server. Objective This project aims to control a simple LED using a Node MCU ESP8266 development board and create a web server to interact with the LED via a web interface. Requirements Node MCU ESP8266 5mm led 220 Ohm resistor Breadboard Jumper wires Micro USB … Read more

VU meter circuit using lm 3915

lm 3915 vu meter circuit

In this article I am going to discuss about vu meter circuit using lm 3915 IC. A VU meter can be described as an audio visualizer circuit. This circuit activates LED’s connected to it according to intensity of sound / signal detected. These circuits are commonly used with audio systems and amplifiers to display the … Read more

lm386 audio amplifier

lm386 audio amplifier

At this In this article, I will show you how to make lm386 audio amplifier. It uses few external components and can be made at very low cost. cost and size, LM 386 amplifier provides a clear and loud sound. Audio circuits using LM 386 IC can be designed in many ways but most of … Read more

7812 voltage regulator

7812 voltage regulator circuit

7812 Voltage Regulator A DC voltage regulator is a circuit that steps down DC voltage accurately according to need of the circuit. In this article you will learn to step down DC voltage to 12 v. We are going to make a linear voltage regulator circuit using IC 7812. Components Required To make 7812 voltage … Read more

9v ldr circuit | mini project for ece

ldr circuit diagram

This article is a tutorial for darkness sensor using LDR ( 9v ldr circuit ). The word LDR stands for ( Light Dependent Resistor ), this sensor changes its resistance according to the intensity of light falling on it. When light falls on LDR its resistance decreases and in darkness it has very high resistance. … Read more

Transformerless power supply | 5v / 9v / 12v / 15v

transformerless power supply

This article covers the working, circuit, advantages, disadvantages and application of Transformerless power supply. In general, DC power supplies convert Alternating current to Direct Current ( small DC voltage ) using step-down transformers or SMPS ( Switch Mode Power Supply ). These power supplies include many steps to step down DC. For small applications these … Read more

fire alarm circuit | fire alarm

Fire alarm circuit

There are Millions of fire alarm circuit available on the internet but the circuit shown below is probably the easiest for beginners to follow. We are already aware of the importance of fire alarm and it’s presence in the crowded or public places. So, presenting fire alarm as your project can be reasonable and it … Read more

Piano circuit using 555 ic

Diy piano circuit

In this  blog you are going to learn to make your own electronic piano circuit using 555 IC at home. A musical instrument with multiple keys ( buttons ) that creates different tones when pressed is known as Piano. Don’t worry if you are a beginner. The circuit is very easy to make, just follow … Read more

Slayer exciter tesla coil | Slayer exciter circuit

Slayer exciter tesla coil Tesla coil is super cool and attractive project that can easily be presented in school science exhibition or collage projects. It creates an electromagnetic field around the coil that excites the gas present inside neon bulbs and fluorescent lamps and make them glow wirelessly without any circuit. There are many versions … Read more

78xx voltage regulator | 7805

7805 linear voltage regulator

78xx voltage regulator Electronic circuits are very sensitive. They require a stable voltage input. Here comes into play the role of voltage regulator. In this article we will briefly discuss about 1 Ampere linear voltage regulator IC. After going through this blog, you will be able to step down dc voltage accurately by using 78XX … Read more